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Cinephile: The University of British Columbia's Film Journal Blog


Cinephile 12.1: ll for Papers

Cinephile?12.1 – Philosophy and New Media Deadline for draft submissions: September 5th, 2017 Over the past two dedes, new media forms have proliferated and become ubiquitous. Similarly, since the mid-1990s, philosophy has asserted its...


Cinephile 11.3- ll for Papers

Cinephile?11.3-?Adaptation, Translation, Permutation? Adapting and translating works across media platforms and national borders has long been an integral part of cinema, television, and other screen media. Source narratives n be transformed into entirely new...


Now Available: Cinephile 11.2 “Stardom”!

Cinephile 11.2, “Stardom,” is now available! Marking the tenth anniversary of the University of British Columbia’s Film Journal, this issue features articles by Kathy Fuller-Seeley, Emily rman, Zeke Saber, Kate Saccone, Linda C. Riedmann,...


CFP — Stardom (11.2)

Deadline for submissions: September 11, 2015. Since the silent era, film industries have utilized the appeal of stars to advertise and promote films. The success of this model is due in part to their...


Vol. 11 No. 1 Now Available

Cinephile 11.1, “Visions of the Sixties,” is now available! Marking the tenth anniversary of the University of British Columbia’s Film Journal, this issue features articles by Wheeler Winston Dixon, David E. James, Victoria Kennedy,...


Cinephile 10.2 Now Available Online

Cinephile 10.2, “New Queer Theory in Film,” is now available online for free.?Click here?to download now?as a single PDF file or, alternatively, head over to our?archives?page to view this issue and all our previous...


Vol. 9 No. 2 and Vol. 10 No. 1 Now Online

  Cinephile 9.2, The Superhero Film, and Cinephile 10.1, Music in Documentary, are now available online for free. Available for download as a PDF. Each issue is an individual file.


Vol. 10 No. 2 Now Available

Cinephile 10.2, “New Queer Theory in Film,” is now available! 10.2 features original articles by Lee Edelman, Shi-Yan Chao, Derrick King, Allison Macleod, and Mario Obando Jr. Available at selected retailers in Vancouver or,...


Vol. 10 No. 1 Now Available

Cinephile 10.1, “Music in Documentary,” is now available! 10.1 features articles by Michael Brendan Baker, Maurice Charland, Rebec Coyle &?Philip Hayward, Randolph Jordan, and Robynn J. Stilwell, as well as original artwork by Nova...



Head over to our?archives?page to view Cinephile 9.1, “Reevaluating Television,” now available online for?free. The issue is currently available for download as a single PDF file.